Interview 1503: Louis Arlington

Interview 1503
Subject: Louis Arlington, Age: 7
Doctor to conduct the interview: Dr. James [REDACTED]
Note: Interview done on demand of a Mr. [REDACTED]

<Start of interview>
<James> – My name is James [REDACTED] and I will be conducting the interview of Louis Arlington.”
<James> – “Hi there Louis, is it okay if I ask you a few questions?”

The subject, Louis, nods in agreement.

<James> – “I will start with some simple questions.”
<James> – “What is your name?”
<Louis> – “Louis.”
<James> – “How old are you?”
<Louis> – “7.”
<James> – “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
<Louis> – “No…”

The subject stares at his feet which he swings back and forth, seemingly sad.

<James> – “What are the names of your mother and father?”
<Louis> – “My daddy’s name is Jack.”
<James> – “And what is your mother’s name Louis?”

The subject mutters something unable to be heard properly.

<James> – “Could you repeat that last thing, Louis?”
<Louis> – “No.”
<James> – “Why not?”
<Louis> – “It would not be right.”
<James> – “Did you say something bad?”
<Louis> – “Yes.”
<James> – “And you don’t want your mother to hear this?”
<Louis> – “Yes.”
<James> – “And why do you think she’ll know what you’ve said here, to me?”
<Louis> – “Because you will tell her.”
<James> – “I am a doctor, Louis. This means that the things spoken of in this room will never go past it’s walls.”
<Louis> – “No.”
<James> – “No?”
<James> – “What do you mean with saying “No?”

The subject looks at the floor, seemingly unwilling to respond.

<James> – “Louis, can you remember when I asked you if you have any brothers or sister?”
<Louis> – “Yes.”
<James> – “Why did you answer no?”
<Louis> – “Because I don’t have any brothers or sisters.”
<James> – “Let me rephrase my question. Have you ever had any brothers or sisters?”
<Louis> – “Yes.”
<James> – “Was it a boy, or a girl?”
<Louis> – “My sister.”
<Louis> – “She has always been kind to me.”
<Louis> – “She was so scared, though. Have you ever had that feeling, Doctor? Where the person you love most is scared and there is nothing you can do about it?”
<James> – “Louis, the next question is very important and I must ask you to answer it, no matter the cost. Can you do this for me?”
<Louis> – “Maybe.”

The subject suddenly starts scratching his arm.
This might be something not directly related to the matter at hand as this behavior has not been shown before by the subject, but I will note it here for later reference.

<James> – “Do you know your sister is currently deceased?”
<Louis> – “Yes…”

The subject starts sobbing softly.

<James> – “And do you know that your mother, too, is currently deceased.”
<Louis> – “My mother? She is not dead! I just saw her! I saw her looking at me! Staring…”

The subject seems to have become slightly agitated.
I will continue the interview as the possibility has arisen to pressure the subject into answering some of the tougher questions at hand.

<James> – “Louis, do you remember the accident?”
<Louis> – “No! What accident?”
<James> – “Louis, how did your sister die?”
<Louis> – “She slipped and fell…”
<James> – “Louis, she didn’t slip and fall.”
<Louis> – “But she did! I saw it! I was there!”
<James> – “Louis, she didn’t slip and fall. But you were indeed there.”
<Louis> – “She… She was running with a knife. We aren’t allowed to do that by mother.”

The subject is silent for a moment.

<Louis> – “Mother would’ve been so mad at her… I helped her!”
<James> – “You helped her?”
<Louis> – “Yes! Yes…”
<James> – “How did you help her, Louis?”
<Louis> – “I took the knife from her. So she wouldn’t be hurt…”
<James> – “Hurt by whom?”

The subject seems to mutter the word “Mother” though I can not be certain of this.

<James> – “Louis. What happened after you took the knife from her?”
<Louis> – “I DONT KNOW!”

The subject seems rather furious, though I presume he knows of what I speak.
There is no confusion in his eyes or manner of speaking.
He is fully aware of his situation and of his acts.

<James> – “Louis, I know what you did.”

The subject remains quiet and has resumed to weeping softly, rocking his head back and forth.

<James> – “Louis? Are you alright?”
<Louis> – “Never better doctor! Why?”
<James> – “Do you remember what I just said?”
<Louis> – “Yes. You asked me if I could answer a few questions. A few simple questions.”

The subject seems to have forgotten all that has happened in the last few minutes.
His state of mind seems to have also, reset of sorts.
He is once again the same boy that walked in here during the beginning of the interview.
Or so he makes it seem.

<James> – “Louis. I know you murdered your sister.”

The subject remains quiet, yet it seems as though he is in no way shocked by my sudden statement, confirming my former hunch.

<James> – “I know you murdered your mother.”
<Louis> – “So close, yet so far away.”

I might be mistaken, as it was brief, but I thought I noticed a slight smile on the face of Louis.
I can confirm though, that if it were indeed a smile, it was not his.

<James> – “What is your name?”
<Louis> – “Don’t you know doc? Think real hard.”
<James> – “Please, what is your name?”
<Louis> – “My name. Lost in time. Lost in space. Lost like the mother’s and the sister’s ways.”
<James> – “TELL ME YOUR NAME!”
<Louis> – “Death and murder I have been called. Bundy and Gacy. Satan down below and God up high. You know me well for I haunt within all that dream.”

<End of interview>

PS. At the end of the interview the subject was returned to his cell and James [REDACTED] was discharged from the specific case on account of work related stress from the many interviews with the subject, Louis Arlington.

Interview 1503: Louis Arlington